Curie School Alumni

The students who have experienced our focus and concentration on Science-Art-Humanism have discovered a treasure trove of education that is only offered here in Nicaragua at the Curie School. They are living proof positive of the wealth of wisdom that can only stem from an education that they themselves participate in shaping while they form themselves as unique individuals, each one of them a living testimony to what they can do for themselves and others and what our school can do for them.

Being bilingual in English and Spanish, with a working knowledge of French, gives them a platform from which they can launch themselves towards whichever endeavors they choose after their graduation, with a positive attitude, not only capable of identifying problems but also able to bring forward solutions by making the best use of a scientific approach to the world around them. The spirit of "curie-osity", creativity, and cooperation that is instilled in them enables them to be able to identify, search for, set their sights on, and head towards making choices that best suit their lives.

Our students have gone worldwide to some of the best universities that there are. Some go beyond those undergraduate studies to pursue a Masters or a Doctorate, always guided by their own dream that they themselves shaped in their own mind because of what the Curie School has helped them to find in themselves.

  • Gabriel Pérez Setright Graduated from Warren Wilson College, en Asheville North Carolina. Undergraduate degree en Psychology and Philosophy. 2015

  • Ariel Cooke Zamora. Graduated from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Undergraduate Degree en Architecture. Currently studying his Masters Degree in Architecture at University of Pennsylvania.

  • Nitla Cooke Zamora. Graduated from University of Toronto, Canada. Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Engineering. 2014.

  • Juan Camilo Mogollón. Graduated from Universidad Americana as an Architect and obtained his Master degree in London's Architecture Associations. Currently employed in the prestigious architecture firm Zaha Hadid, London.

  • Gabriel Lee Sanchez. B.A. in Philosophy from Berkeley University, California.

  • Bruno Valverde. B.A. in Musical Science from Berkley University, Boston.

  • Jimmy Jaider Hodgson Gonzalez
    BS in Computer Systems
    Academic Excellence Award 2017
    Best student of the XXXIX Graduation
    Universidad Americana (UAM)

  • Miguel Ponimansky Aleman.
    B.S. Industrial Engineering
    Cum Laude
    Universidad Americana (UAM)