Andrea Carvajal

My name is Andrea Carvajal, I was part of Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie since first grade and graduated as valedictorian in the class of 2020. I am currently a third-year Political Science student at the International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University in Japan. I am a recipient of a full merit-based academic scholarship from Yamanashi Gakuin University, as well as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Japan Educational Exchanges, and Services (JEES) scholarship recipient. During the fall semester of 2023, I will be doing an exchange semester at Sciences Po Lille, in France. As a result of the trilingual education received at Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie, I have a B2 level in French, which will be put into practice during this academic opportunity.

As a Curie graduate, I am proud to say that my recent university successes have been highly encouraged by the academic and social environment that Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie possess. From an academic point of view, I appreciate the constant motivation we received from our professors to question everything around us in order to gain a better understanding of things. In addition, the universal atmosphere of the Curie School motivated me to look for opportunities abroad where I could gain experience to later use in my own country, Nicaragua. Socially, Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie impacted my perspective of the world as I was always surrounded by international students. Thanks to this mix of backgrounds, I learned about different cultures and traditions and, ultimately, it also made me more open to communicating without barriers.

The desire to be in an environment similar to that of Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie, with a multinational environment and interactive classes stayed with me even after I graduated. This was an important factor during my university application process, as I searched for ones with similar qualities. My current university has similar characteristics, which have made me experience many things with great value both academically and personally. I consider that having trilingual abilities, doing multiple volunteer experiences, as well as having the desire to continue to experience multiculturalism were some of the many things that Universal School Pierre and Marie Curie contributed to the achievement of these accomplishments.