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Curie offers a well-rounded curriculum created to enhance our students learning and living skills for the 21th Century Global Society. The Curie curriculum provides a strong foundation in the Sciences, the Arts, and Humanism that prepares our graduates with what they need to succeed in their university studies and become creative citizens of the Global Village.

Our curriculum embraces the pedagogical philosophy and contents of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) + languages (English, Spanish and French) + Sports and Global Citizenship.

Career Resource Center

CURIE provides advisory to our high school students for their plans after graduating, through the Career Resource Center, coordinated by María Cecilia Herrera.

Camping Ara Macao:

"Learning from the open book of nature".

Camping Ara Macao:

International AcademicTrip–Europe

Exploring the Global Village

International AcademicTrip–Europe

Our overall pedagogical objectives are to:

  1. Develop intellectual, physical, and psychological abilities that will enable each student to continuously strengthen his/her knowledge, skills, mindfulness, and critical thinking.
  2. Master English and Spanish languages as bilingual students.
  3. Develop French language skills to the level of DELF B1.
  4. Become college-ready in order to have the best options available while developing skills to make wise decisions about their future and go for it.
  5. Develop learning skills for life.
  6. Enjoy searching for and creating knowledge.
  7. Support creative and positive problem solving for their own wellbeing as well as for their families and all humankind.
  8. Learn from all environments and experiences including mistakes.
  9. Stand for universal values and principles such as responsibility, respect, honesty, quest for meaning, solidarity, loyalty, innovation, and self-esteem.
Ara Macao camping is a holistic adventure of learning that places students in direct contact with nature. During three days or more, students enjoy and experience an intense program that broadens the student's perspective and enhances student's capacity for teamwork, adaptation to new environment and conditions, learning to survive and learning to enjoy and love nature, becoming more accountable and sensible to our contribution and responsibility for the conservation of our planet earth.
At the end of the last year of the High School the students have the opportunity to participate and experience of an International Academic Journey through which they visit five cities of Europe such as, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Athens. Among other factors are home to six of the eight most important museums in the world. Curie students validate the knowledge of history, culture, geography, economy, gastronomy, art and others they have received during their life in classrooms and allows them to strengthen their scientific, linguistic, and humanist training having an experience with global environments.

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