Preschool Curie

5 Levels of Initial Education


Pre-K 2

Pre-K 3

Pre-K 4


At Curie Preschool

  • We celebrate the child's curiosity and capacity for wonder.
  • We stimulate each child to explore, to move, to run, to touch, to sing, and to play while enjoying the adventure of learning.
  • We encourage the process of building each child's self-esteem by providing them with a safe environment and a sense of belonging.


Regular Classes
7:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

11:45 a.m. - 2:00 p.m

e integral

Etapas del Desarrollo
Temas Motivadores
Viernes de Color
Áreas de Interés
Necesidades Individuales
Evaluación Continua

Camping Ara Macao:

"Learning from the open book of nature".

Ara Macao camping is a holistic adventure of learning that places students in direct contact with nature. During three days or more, students enjoy and experience an intense program that broadens the student's perspective and enhances student's capacity for teamwork, adaptation to new environment and conditions, learning to survive and learning to enjoy and love nature, becoming more accountable and sensible to our contribution and responsibility for the conservation of our planet earth.

Kiosko de Malaquita

El llevar a cabo el proyecto de nuestra biblioteca Kiosko de Malaquita es una evidencia de nuestro compromiso con labor educativa que realizamos día a día dentro de nuestra comunidad Curie ya que al enseñarle desde muy temprana edad a nuestros niños y niñas el amor por los libros y por aprender de ellos es una manera de abrir ventanas inimaginables que les llevaran a nuevos y mejores conocimiento tanto de ellos mismos como del mundo que les rodea.


  • Self - confidence
  • Independence
  • Languages
  • Outdoor games
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Sociability
  • Science first steps
  • Math first steps
"The greatest gifts we can give our children
are the roots of responsibility
and the wings of independence."

María Montessori

"Education, for most people,
means trying to lead the child to resemble
the typical adult of his/her society...
but for me and no one else,
and education means making creators...
You have to make inventors, innovators,...
not conformists."

Jean Piaget

All my life through,
the new sights of Nature
made me rejoice like a child.

Marie Curie

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Playing and singing in English, Spanish and French!1 I love numbers: 1, 2, 3...2 Dancing is fun...3 My body jumps, and run, and ring around the rossy...4 Snack time5 Computing is a marvelous toy to learn and play!6 Colors and forms party!7 Let's build and display my imagination!8
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At Pre-School Curie

Activamos y estimulamos mediante las mejores prácticas pedagógicas inspiradas en las teorías de Montessori y Piaget toda la creatividad y el potencial educativo de niños y niñas protagonistas de su aprendizaje desde Beginners hasta Kinder, optimizando su desarrollo del lenguaje en tres idiomas Español, Inglés y Francés, su dominio del espacio y el movimiento, su creatividad y la forja de una personalidad alegre y plena desde la infancia construyendo a futuro una integración feliz en Primaria, Escuela Media y Secundaria.

Our preschool prepares the little ones, the "grown-ups of tomorrow", with loving care and professional dedication, stimulating them with a program of games, language skills, music, songs, and outdoor activities.

Our program allows the blossoming of the natural and spontaneous, personalized individual growth of each boy and girl in the development of multiple intelligences (language, logic/mathematics, kinetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and emotional/social).

Our staff has an excellent ability to identify the child needs and wishes. By playing to learn, we constitute a team with the families in order to support the maximum cognitive and social enjoyment of each boy and girl.

Name: Ligia Cecilia Ampié Vilchez

Years of experience: 18 years

At Curie since 2008

Degree: Pre-school Education Science / Montessori Methodology
Purpose: Stimulate the pure potential in each child’s personality, promoting the development of their creativeness and their love of live, activating their natural curiosity towards the outside world.By "playing to learn", we constitute a team with the families in order to support the maximum cognitive and social enjoyment of each boy and girl.

Name: Belinda Moreno Aguilar

Years of experience: 5 years

At Curie since 2014

Degree: Montessori Methodology
Purpose: Allowing the kids be more confident and independent in their learning processes with love and support.

Name: Karla Rocha

Years of experience: 19 years

At Curie since 2013

Degree: Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Purpose: Motivate our students to know better about themselves in order to increase their natural potential to create amazing things.

Name: María Esther Bracamonte

Years of experience: 31 years

At Curie since 2002

Degree: Pottery
Purpose: Provide to our students different kinds of tool to gain learning skills no make their first years of early education a great experience.

Name: Ana Lorena Saborío Cortes

Years of experience: 30 years

At Curie since 1999

Degree: Bachelor
Purpose: Provide children with a safe and loving care enviroment.

Name: María Fabiola Sánchez

Years of experience: 22 years

At Curie since 1999

Degree: Montessori Methodology
Purpose: Provide children with a fun first school experience, full of love and learning experiences.

Name: Aimable Zamor

Years of experience: 13 years

At Curie since 2011

Degree: Preschool Education
Purpose: To make the children happy at all times and enjoy the French class.

Name: María Concepción Castro Valerio

Years of experience: 14 years

At Curie since 2007

Degree: Management and Administration of Education / Montessori Methodology
Purpose: Accompany and guide children in their learning process in a creative and harmonious way.

Name: Mary Gisell Varela Aguilar

Years of experience: 11 years

At Curie since 2014

Degree: Preschool Bilingual Education
Purpose: Give to children the opportunity to learn by playing, where my role will be guide them during the process.

Name: María Fabiola Selva Cárdenas

Years of experience: 8 years

At Curie since 2012

Degree: English as a Second Language / in Montessori Methodology
Purpose: As always my first objective is to know my students, guide them in their learning process, supporting their needs and interests.