Lic. Marta Zamora Llanes

Executive President

PhD Candidate on Educational Leadership. Lesley University.
MBA in Business administration, INCAE.
Bachelor of Philosophy. Universidad Centraomericana.
Co-Founder of Curie School

Dr. Azucena Loaísiga Flores

General Principal

Medical Doctor in Epidemiology.
Co-Founder of Curie School

Lic. Ma. Esperanza Zelaya Ortega

Administrative Manager

BS in Ecological Sciences. Universidad Centroamericana.
Co-Founder of Curie School.

Lic. Ligia Cecilia Ampié Vilchez

Pre School Director

Pre-school Education Science.
Montessori Methodology.
At Curie since 2008.

Lic. Roberto Flores Ceron

Director of Elementary School

BA in English. Universidad Centroamericana.
Managua 2001
Lesley University.
Interdisciplinary Studies, Boston, 2018.
At Curie since 2005.

Lic. Wendy Brooks

Middle School Director

Interdisciplinary Studies in Education.
Lesley University. Cambridge.
BA in English Teaching. Universidad Centroamericana (UCA).
Managua, 2003.
At Curie since 2003.

Ing. Isaac Ponimansky

High School Director

Chemical Engineering from Alberta University.
Business Administration.
Universidad de Occidente
Lesley University.
Interdisciplinary Studies in Education.
In Curie since 2002 and on...

Our Work

Our Curie School community creates a school environment that is a scenario of learning for real life, enabling students to become lifelong learners, to commit to human development, and to embrace values that give meaning to our life now and in the future.