Transmisión en vivo del Eclipse Solar Anular

Today October 14 Curie School offers a great opportunity to share activities with all of you. We are ready for the solar annual eclipse. In this message, you can find very important information to live this experience in a safe way. In this kind of event, nobody can look directly at the sun which is why students from kindergarten to 6th grade must be under their parent's supervision all the time. Students from 7th to 12th grade can come by themselves. A school sports shirt for every student is required. We are going to have the pleasure of sharing this activity with some representatives of Victor Hugo School and Pajarito Azul – from Señora del Pilar School.

The French Press Agency (AFP) will make a televised report on the solar annular eclipse in Marie Curie School. Three reporters will come to our school to cover the event. Remember that the event is going to finish between 1:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M. We also acknowledge the presence of channel 23 reporters, who will broadcast the activity. Then you will watch the news between 12 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. We are proud to announce the names of the group of students, who as members of the local newspaper, called Curie-Oso will be also participating in the event. They are with their respective functions:
Andrés Cuadra- Streaming Director and Photography Director
Natalia López- Website Manager/Editor
Nicole Dominici- Editor
Valeska Duarte- Illustrator
Sofía Padilla- Writer
Elvin Lagos- Writer
Guillermo Palacios- Writer
Santiago Chávez- Fotógrafo
Camila Jaramillo- Photographer
Nayeli Gao- Writer
Nicole Cox- Illustrator
Andrea Berríos- Editor
Martín López- Writer
Bernardo Isaguirre
Jair Pérez- Editor
Fabiana Vallecillo- Editor
Mónica Pereira- Writer
Guadalupe Hernández- Photographer
María José Angulo- Photographer
Sofía Rojas Acevedo- Writer
Camila Ocón- Illustrator
Monserat Allen- Illustrator
Isabella Sánchez- Illustratdor

Live transmission