Visit to Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero

Yesterday, March 23, a delegation of students from the Pierre and Marie Curie Primary School paid an uplifting visit to one of school’s mentors and guides, Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero. Dr. Incer had an unfortunate fall, which he is determinedly recovering, and the students from Primary wanted to send their wishes for speedy recovery and rejuvenating energy. Each grade, from first through fifth grades, made a big card with drawings, designs, decorations, and messages in English, French and Spanish.

Six students from grades 3-5 in representation of their peers and accompanied by their Primary School Director, Roberto Flores, and our Board President, Marta Zamora visited Dr. Incer’s home. When they arrived, they found him in his garden tending to his plants. As they settled into the patio, students took turns presenting and reading their cards, sharing the sentiments from their classmates. Then Dr. Incer started talking about one of his many passions, the sciences and astronomy. Students were excited by this topic as they had just done astronomy projects and shared knowledge on several exoplanets and their characteristics, as well as galaxies, planets and constellations. As Dr. Incer flowed from astronomy to science, students did not skip a beat, engaging the Nicaraguan scientist, historian, and astronomer in conversation from the galaxies to science fair projects.

Dr. Incer was reminded and expressed how much he values Pierre and Marie Curie Universal school, as it opens young minds in the wonders of wonder and exploration. He is very proud of Curie School as the only home to a school-based observatory in Central America and encouraged us all to keep looking skyward.

Before leaving, Dr. Incer wanted to make sure the students passed on to their classmates how much their messages had uplifted him and filled him with energy. Students left glowing from the unique honor, and we think Dr. Incer was walking a little stronger and smiling a little broader from their visit.