Lanzamiento XXIII Feria de Ciencia Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero 2019-2020

Yesterday, on November 7th of 2019, the XXIII Science Fair Dr. Jaime IncerBarquero was launched off. Date in which we celebrate the birth of Marie Curie on November 7th of 1867.

Every year, all students of our school present during the month of November their Science Curiosities ending this activity with a Curiosity Festival on November 21th. In the opening ceremony, Dr. Geordie Gibson from Canada and teacher of science, shared with students a pep message about the importance of sciences in the 21th century.

In this academic year, our XXIII Science fair Dr. Jaime IncerBarquero, 2019-2020 will be dedicated to the French Physicist and pioneer of the study of radioactivity and discover of piezoelectric and winner of Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, Pierre Curie.