High School

Curie offers a well-rounded curriculum created to enhance our students learning and living skills for the global society of the 21st Century, providing a strong foundation in the Sciences, the Arts, and Humanism that prepares our graduates with what they need to succeed in their university studies and become creative citizens of the Global Village.

Our Highschool students develop intellectual, physical, and psychological abilities that will enable the student to build constantly on the knowledge, skills, mindfulness, and critical thinking of their surroundings in an independent manner, allowing them to become creative learners with the capacity to be the protagonist of their own education as well as become creative and positive with problem solving capabilities for their sake, as well as for their families and all humankind.


Academic Objectives


* English

* Spanish

* French


* Physics

* Chemistry

* Biology

Information Technology


* Algebra

* Pre calculus

* Statistics


* Psychology

* Philosophy

* Career Planning

* Sociology

History and Geography

* Universal History

* History of Nicaragua

* Global Studies


* Visual Arts

* Theater

* Music



Social service

Labor Practice

Physical Education


1. Instill in students the love for knowledge.

2. Inspire students to perform at their highest potential, develop critical thinking, and become aware and informed citizens of their communities and the global village.

3. Prepare students to find their way in life, to make the best decisions, and pick their options with informed knowledge and responsibility.

4. Encourage students to become lifelong learners.

5. Learn from mistakes.

6. Care for our planet and surrounding environment.

7. Enjoy life, especially their youth, and be prepared to take the opportunities that best suit their goals and principles.

8. Develop a sense of belonging to a family, a school, a community, a world, and Planet Earth.