Middle School

MIddle School Education stimulates students of sixth, seventh and eighth grade with a challenging program that enhances the cognitive, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual dimension of each student. 

Our Students go through an ambitious academic program that includes interchange with Space Center University for Science classes, and full inmersion in rocket science experiences with NASA simulating a Journey to Mars.

The program developed allows a successful transition of students between Elementary and High School addressing the particular needs of adolescence in their quest for identity, personality building, supporting the building up of social skills and sense making of their own lives.


Academic Objectives


* Spanish

* English

* French


Information Technology


* Pre-algebra

* Algebra

* Geometry

Social Studies



* Visual Arts

* Theater

* Music

Physical Education


01. To stimulate the learning processes of students of sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

02. To support the identity building of students that are transitioning from childhood to becoming young students.

03. To support the cognitive search for knowledge and inquiry  of the students.

04. To raise the awareness of students towards the natural risks of growing.

05. To understand the biological, social and personal changes that happens though adolescence.

06. To build up solid foundations of students that would prepare them to transition towards a successful High School.

07. To strengthen the scientific skills and knowledge of our students.

08. To promote learning and interchange with international academic entities in the science field.

09. To master the main skills of the Curie languages: English, Spanish and French.

10. To promote the practice of sports and good physical condition.

11. To reinforce great nutrition habits and good health practices.