Elementary School

The overall goal of the Elementary School Curie is to preserve children’s natural curiosity and wonder while developing their skills in perseverance, analysis, emotional expression and self-control.  Curie encourages children to learn for their own sake, because through learning, children explore who they are, what they like and how they contribute to our world. 

Each level builds on the last, both in academic outcomes as well as childhood development and social-emotional growth.  Each level has its special role in supporting the overall growth and independence of a child.


Academic Objectives


* Spanish

* English

* French


Social Sciences

Natural Sciences



Physical Education



1. To enhance child´s potentiality in the cognitive, physical, spiritual, social, psychological and intrapersonal dimensions.

2. To develop language skills in English, Spanish, and French.

3. To instill positive attitudes towards learning.

4. To stimulate students with interactive methodologies so they may become active learners and acquire effective study habits.

5. To engage students in their learning processes through direct problem solving, inquiry and exploration of the natural world finding solutions to everyday situations. 

6. To foster the student’s love of knowledge and enhance their full cognitive, physical, emotional, and social potential.

7. To develop the multiple intelligences in each student: bodily kinesthetic, musical, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, and naturalistic.

8. To become a holistic learner for life, learning to learn from all experiences including mistakes.

9. To launch the social skills of our students who learn to recognize and express themselves as holistic beings with emotions, feelings, knowledge, aspirations and commitment.